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Hello, I am Mike.

A certain old Chinese saying from Zhuang zi goes “Fixiu Fu Huawei shenqi”, meaning making useless things amazing. Several years ago, I came across a beautiful art craft house made up of used ice cream sticks. To me, this art mirrored the old saying mentioned above. Everything appears to be distinctive once we invest in the power of imagination. Since then, I developed an interest in the handmade art craft process and its special culture.

I have come to discover that there are numerous handcraft activities ranging from quilling to quilting and knitting, among others. People decorate their lives with the use of small items. For instance, carriages have been replaced by cars and mails by e-mails over the years. Many elements of human culture have diminished and disappeared with the advance in technology. Aged craft, however, has maintained its value all along. It seems that people desire to make something.

Being into art has made me decide to link my handcraft interests to my business. I admire every piece of work done by the use of human hands. Lots of people, including successful investors, consider my idea as a finite market. Most of them sneer at me, making me conclude that only businesses such as capital bonds or real estate could draw their attention. I refuse to agree with them because Art is a vast field. Human imagination is limitless and we as humans never get tired while pursuing the aesthetic perception of life and our environment.

 Back in 2014, I came up with a brand that bears an artistic logo. This logo is a representation of a figure of an ant smiling confidently. Ants are an inspiration since despite being insignificant, they work relentlessly. I look forward to being the most competitive culture and art craft products supplier in the field. My ambition is to achieve a global market for these products. It is my dream is to donate a fortune to Culture and Art by selling these products at an affordable price and boosting the spread of culture and art craft activities worldwide.

 At first, I started selling my products on marketing platforms such as Amazon, EBay, and Etsy and so on. Their additional fee was however too high for me to keep the prices low in accordance with my wish. I, therefore, resolved to set up an online shop of my own where I can sell my products at a pocket-friendly price.

 At my shop, I purchase products in bulk and store them in my rental warehouse and office in China. I hire young workers, cut-off the over-package, do away with unnecessary processes present in marketplaces, and deliver packages overseas via China Post Service which saves freight and tariff. These strategies cut down the cost of my items which are cheaper by 20% to 30% as compared to my counterparts. Speed is the only challenge I have not yet resolved, but it is my belief that my clients are patient enough provided the product is of good quality.

All packages dispatched from my warehouse are usually well wrapped and packed. We offer a special supply service of 90 days for money refunds with no excuse to customers who purchase directly from my website. I think the best form of advertising is by recommending our services to new clients. If there is something about our service that does not satisfy you, please reach and notify us. Thanks a lot!